Indian Air Force (IAF) syllabus and models papers for Airment selection test - Jobs In Govt

Indian Air Force (IAF) syllabus and models papers for Airment selection test

The Indian Air Force (IAF) syllabus and models papers; IAF recruitment 2014 invites applications from Matric, Intermediate and Diploma candidates for Airmen Trades govt jobs vacancies in Indian Army across the India, the IAF Syllabus and question papers available at  an air force web site

the applicants who are interested in Indain army jobs in IAF indian Air Force recruitment 2014, those are can follow these syllabus for Airment selection test to get Airment govt jobs in Indian army

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I. Comprehension 

 A small passage followed by questions. 
 1. To judge comprehension 
 2. Drawing of inferences 
 3. Use of vocabulary 

II Composition 
 1. Agreement of subject with verb 
 2. Pattern of verb and their use. 
 3. Sequence of tenses. 
 4. Transformation of sequences-Compound, Complex, Simple, Negative, 

III Grammar 
 1. Spellings 
 2. Word formation 
 3. Antonyms and Synonyms 
 4. One word substitution 
 5. Correct usage of articles 
 6. Correct usage of Prepositions 
 7. Correct usage of adjectives-degrees of comparison 
 8. Correct usage of conjunctions 
 9. Correct usage of Nouns and Pronouns 
 10. Correct usage of numbers (Singular-Plural) 
 11. Words, which are commonly getting confused 
 12. Word order 
 13. Correct usage of Adverbs 

IV. Idioms and Phrases 
 1. Use of simple idioms 
 2. Use of Common proverbs 

V. Direct / Indirect sentences : Narration change 
 1. Change of various types of sentences from direct to indirect form 
 2. Change of various types of sentences from indirect to direct form 

VI. Active and Passive Voices 
 1. Change of all types of sentences from active to passive form 
 2. Change of all types of sentences from passive to active fo

1. Physical World & Measurement 
2. Kinematics 
3. Laws of Motion 
4. Work, Energy & Power 
5. Motion of System of particles & Rigid 
6. Gravitation 
7. Properties of Bulk Matter 
8. Thermodynamics 
9. Behaviour of Perfect Gas & Kinetic 
Theory of gases 
10. Oscillations & Waves 
11. Electrostatics 
12. Current Electricity 
13. Magnetic effect of current & 
14. Electromagnetic Induction and 
Alternating current 
15. Electromagnetic Waves 
16. Optics 
17. Dual Nature of Matter 
18. Atoms and Nuclei 
19. Electronic Devices 
20. Communication Systems 

1. Sets, Relations, functions 
2. Trigonometric functions 
3. Inverse Trigonometric functions 
4. Complex Numbers 
5. Quadratic Equations 
6. Sequence & Series (AP & GP) 
7. Permutation 
8. Combination 
9. Binomial Theorem 
10. Coordinate geometry – Straight line 
11. Coordinate geometry – Circles 
12. Coordinate geometry – Parabola 
13. Coordinate geometry – Ellipse 
14. Coordinate geometry – Hyperbola 
15. Exponential Series 
16. Logarithmic Series 
17. Matrices 
18. Determinants 
19. Limit & Continuity 
20. Differentiation 
21. Application of Differentiation 
22. Indefinite Integrals 
23. Definite Integrals 
24. Application of Integration 
25. Deferential Equations 
26. Probability 
27. Statistics 


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