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tricks for online using and awareness of internet browsing

The Internets communications are enhanced presently in this situation number of fake web site are trying to fraud public and net gens. Now a day’s more and more web sites are launched but some of those web sites are trying making money in cheat tricks. That is the reason we suggest to the people who are using the internet and online service. The clients must aware of this cyber fraud and take protect yourselves And must finding these things while you are using internet communications. There are many ways to do fraud in the cyber sector. That is we are listed below some of those look like
1.    Fake websites looks like original web sites.  Example the web site contains unreliable or useless information.
2.    Fake job offers actually that jobs are not available wherever.
3.    Fake E-mails example your email won money a big amount through the lucky draw like emails never trust no gives money free.
4.    Duplicate content means that they are providing information by taking of copy content someone else.
And many more things like Images, video and audio songs web site are not contains original data they are given links only this will take time and net bill. Prevent this thing we are must aware of those things.

Online Tricks:-

1.    If you know the web site address fully qualified name you can enter the URL like IN any browser like Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft internet explorer, Google chrome and opera etc... No need to enter http:// and WWW in the web browser title bar it will take automatically.
2.    If you do not know the perfect web address or you are searching for a keyword which is you are interested that must be making as good word form that word (keyword) should give meaning and did not contains spelling mistakes. You need think and you should have clarification about which is you are looking for. Then you can alternatively make a good key word that is give nice results.
3.    When you are entering keyword into the search bar In the Google web search engine gives to you a Meta data that is which you were are trying to looking for. You should choose a correct site from those list of web sites
4.    How to choose original web site that is simple to find. Then if the web site is an original or authorized one then there no spelling mistake in the web address. If it is not there no correct spelling and lengthy web address.
You are must aware of these things and happily you can utilize the services which provided through online. Do not bend for fake online massages and emails all the best.

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